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As I went back through um of course the plans clan questions now real quick I interject something that there's something to that first line item that 12 out of 8 out of 12 that you got right right that's a high number of questions to miss out of those section to be honest because you're you're talking about basically Ohm's law stuff right questions and definition questions which are three categories that most guys do pretty strongly and I'm not saying that this is a god no I can't tell you there was some questions that I got to the Duchess I couldn't figure out where to find it in the book I got this common it was like hey at least it's not a gay ringtone or something like that I mean I could catch a blessings I'd give you hell it was uh that yeah and I'm not joking there was something that's the ones I tagged towards the end of the test because I had it what when I ran through I'd already tagged all my math questions and I had to come back and just tag a couple of the ones that just I kept looking for and I could not find and I I'm sure they go to that area right there but I'm just okay but you were smart you just kind of looked at it a little bit and if couldn't find it or get traction on you skip you left I passed it I you know I figure if I spend more than three minutes in the book then I I tagged it and try to come back later and go to the next one the smart smart strategy all right they say there's about 12 questions and so do you remember any of those questions where they were the kind of definition questions or where they were they like Ohm's law where they had solar PV panels and give you a bunch of ratings and stuff like that or where they just strictly code questions you know oh you know and I don't know if I get this because I've been looking at all this practice stuff but I want to say there is one similar to the one that you have in your book because I looked at today and I was like damn I mean look I think I think it was that one okay it's it's not like our simple ones it's like it didn't give any numbers we're about Sita what kind of what kind of question is it well I thought you here it is right here it's in your main our study got our study book on 41 I want to say there was a resistor set up like that or a series says study book on page 41 you talk about the crash course book crash first book um can I see it how are they do doubt like that I want to say that I want to say I remember something like that and I just had to guess because it it threw me for a loop I didn't know what I was looking for okay so is it a series parallel or was a series or parallel one with two combo I don't remember I oughta build a series Carlo or something like that that that so that that piece right there plus the fact that that one of the things in that category that would be about four questions is Ohm's law so it's possible that that you know you missed two or three of the Ohm's law just not getting traction on them right and then the other ones...


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